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Weight Loss Clinic Vasant Vihar - is one that is helping people in shedding their body weight with their healthy an effective diet plans. We have a team of experienced and trained dieticians. Our team always works with full dedication for the benefit of our clients. Our Expert Dietician Sheela Seharawat guides us at every step to plan the most beneficial diet plans for our clients as per their requirements. We understand this very –well that in today’s hectic life, it is not possible to cook healthy food by spending lot of time in kitchen thus; we provide the diet that is not only easy to follow with busy schedule but also easy to cook at home.

We provide variety in our diets so that people do not get bored with their diet. The most excellent thing about our services is that we provide our support to clients on 24x7 hrs basis, which makes it possible to contact with us at any time to get solution for any sort of problem. A person can also get some special diet plans such as gym diet, blood pressure diet, sports diet, ayurvedic diets, celebrity diet and lots of more as per his/her requirements.


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Diet to follow with A+ blood type


Blood type affects the sensitivity of body towards several kinds of disease like heart disease, cancer, allergies, diabetes etc. Every person has different nutritional requirements that are very necessary to prevent from the blood type related disease. Having the right kind of foods as per blood type is necessary, as, it affects body weight, mental state, stress, as well as level of energy.

Not every food is good for all types of people, because of their different blood groups. Therefore, it is necessary to know about the blood type and diet that suits to our blood type. People having A+ blood group are more susceptible to cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Thus, diet for such people should be helpful in strengthening immune system, forbidding infections, supplying cancer-fighting antioxidants and toning up heart. Therefore, if you also a person with A+ blood group than you should also try follow such a diet that can help in improving immune system. You can get a well- planned diet plan for you with Diet Clinic and here is a guide to follow in daily diet.


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