School Wellness Programs
School Wellness Programs
In order to grow, learn and thrive, children need access to healthy food, opportunities to be physically active and the tools to support positive decision making.
A school wellness program can effectively raise students’ awareness of the lifestyle choices they are making each day. It can promote better eating and exercise habits, which can help students have the energy and focus they need to do well in school.
Healthy, physically fit students have a better chance for long-term success, and studies also show:
1. Healthier children make better students
2. Physical activity increases test scores
3. Only nutrient-rich food can provide the essential building blocks needed for developing brains. When focus is on the overall wellbeing of students, their ability to learn, cope and contribute improves tremendously.

Diet Clinic School Wellness Program
The Diet Clinic School Wellness Program is a gift of health to the children of India. It targets all categories of schools in urban India, with the plan reaching out to hundreds of thousands of children each year.
The program undertakes Health Assessments, Wellness prescriptions, lifestyle counselling, and enlightening talks by eminent experts in each school.
The Diet Clinic School Wellness Program also recognizes and rewards the school that invests in its students and shows the best wellness results as “The Healthiest School.”

School Wellness – Process and Execution
Initiation: Diet Clinic managers initiate contact with school Principals to present the wellness program. The program is based on the School Health Plan as conceived by the WHO.
Implementation: Diet Clinic teams up with health counsellors to execute the health and lifestyle assessment questionnaire to the school children.
Analysis: The data is then scanned by Diet Clinic and analyzed by an expert panel of health and wellness consultants.
Remedial Follow-up: The school children are then taken up for counselling sessions conducted by highly qualified medical and wellness professionals. The sessions are usually conducted in their classrooms.
School Health Audit: On completion of the health audit of the school, the Principal is presented with the school’s comprehensive health prescription. The report indicates the school’s health status in the areas of stress, obesity, safety, dependency, physical fitness, cognitive development etc.

Special Initiatives
Foodie/ Junkie Program
This program emphasises the importance of eating healthy for a productive school life. Its highlights are: analysis of diet patterns; striking a balance between health and junk food; basic eating habits that need to be implemented everywhere; dealing with weight issues – overweight/ underweight; setting the right eating habits for your family; busting common myths on food; choosing healthy alternatives in super markets and malls; etc.

Be Aware Program
Concentrates on educating children on the harmful effects of dependencies:
Alcohol and U                        Strike a balance
Tobacco and U                       Eating disorders
Drugs and U                          Suicide and U
Resist your temptations          Sex education

The Diet Clinic - B Positive School Wellness program
The B Positive Student aims to impart health and wellness values to children. Covering a range of wellness issues related topics such as psychology, sex education, beauty, general health, nutrition and food, sports and fitness, safety and hygiene, alternative remedies, and current lifestyle news including reviews on arts, books, products etc., the tabloid adopts a holistic approach to health and lifestyle.
A team of well qualified doctors and writers contribute to the tabloid, thereby bringing sound knowledge and credibility to its contents. The tabloid adopts a fun-and-entertainment manner in communicating and reaching out to mid-school children, pre-teens and young teens.
This is also an effective way for a corporate organization with interest in the wellness space to build brand equity in this segment, especially since initiatives in the tabloid have met with great recall value.

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