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Client Video

Chetna Saini our local Kareena Kapoor, who had decided to get back to shape before her daughter is ONE year old. And indeed she has completed her target way before. Proud of you, message for all young mothers. DETERMINATION IS THE KEY.  Watch Video

Parash has lost 15 kgs weight in 30 days. Weight loss can happen any season of the year, what we require is your zeal and determination to do it. For healthy weight loss.  Watch Video

Peak winters, weight loss not possible- MYTH BURSTED. Devyansh Vishisht, has lost 10 Kgs in last one month only . Weight loss can happen any season of the year, what we require is your zeal and determination to do it. For healthy weight loss  Watch Video

Payal Puri, lactating mother , delivered baby 6 months back-csec , joined DIET CLINIC , 1.5 months back , weight loss - 11kgs. Diet was simple, wheat roti , regular Indian food. So to all those , who think fancy seeds , flour and food groups can help you reduce weight, please go back to your regular Indian Home made food and the miracle is just there.  Watch Video

Aman Dhaliwal Weight Loss 5 Kg In 20 Days, for her weight loss,has been a challenge always. Several attempts, but in vain. But with Diet Clinic her wish of reducing weight was achieved. Proud of you and your will to achieve what you wish for, no matter what. Keep it up.   Watch Video

Dr Parvinder Bajaj , age 58 , weight loss 29 kgs in 6 months. The best was , when he joined us his 3 arteries had blockage , and just after following diet for 3 months, they were 90% better. Diet is not about weight loss only but good health and relief from diseases.  Watch Video

Poonam Goel , 50+ medical issues loads- LIPID Profile very high, Diabetic yes HBA1C -7, fatty liver, acidity, low energy. But, after reducing 20 Kgs, HBAIC-4 , LIPID Profile under control, fatty liver zeroised, energy levels much much better, acidity vanished, what else would we want from a Diet plan. Freedom from medicines and hello to good health.  Watch Video

53 year old Woman, lost 10 kgs weight in 2 months  Watch Video

Gangesh Batra has lost 50 Kgs weight in 8 months, have to say- NO SURGERY, NO MEDICINE, NO THERAPIES, NO SHAKES. Just HEALTHY LIVING, good food and workout. For healthy weight loss . Diet Clinic, Top Performer of the year 2017.  Watch Video

Somya has lost 30kgs weight in last one year. Watch Video

Every journey has its ups and downs, but in the end it’s the accomplishment which matters. Everybody goes through plateau weights some for days and some for months. But never let these stuck weight dissuade you from your target. Believe me the end will be beautiful, something you always wanted. Hear it from Baljiñdèr Kâur , my adorable friend who has finally reached to her desired results by overcoming those stuck weights for few months. Watch Video

Rastik mam has lost 20 kgs weight in last 8 months. Watch Video

Seema Weight Loss 11 Kg  Watch Video

Client Video

Client Video

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