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International Epilepsy Day

Each year on the second Monday of February, people around the world join together in observation and highlighting the issues faced by people with epilepsy, their families and carers. It is an opportunity for everyone associated with epilepsy at any level, to raise awareness about the disease - What it is?  How it can be treated?  And what is needed to bring treatment to all people who need it?

Epilepsy – It’s causes and symptoms

As a result of sudden surge of electrical activity in the brain, which results in temporary disturbance in the messaging system between the brain and the cells, people suffering from epilepsy experience recurrent seizures. Every function that we perform is triggered by messaging system in our brain and epilepsy occurs, when the messaging system gets disrupted or the electrical activity goes faulty. The exact causes of such pattern is however not clearly known but inherited genetic factors are considered as one of the major reason. 

Some of the common facts about epilepsy are:-

  1. It is a neurological disorder.
  2. The range and severity of seizure varies from one individual to other.
  3. The most common and primary symptom is seizure.
  4. Common treatments are prescribed anti0seizure medicines.
  5. Diet can play a crucial and important role in the control and treatment of epilepsy. 


Factors that may be responsible for the cause are:-


  1. Some sort of trauma, caused due to sudden incidences like accidents.
  2. Stroke or tumors causing adverse brain conditions.
  3. Brain damage or prenatal injuries before birth.
  4. Developmental disorders like autism. 
  5. Infectious diseases like AIDS. 


Diet and Epilepsy: 

A balanced diet with food from different group helps in proper brain functioning, provides essential nutrients and helps in keeping steady energy levels. Good and proper food with adequate sleep also helps the brain against risks of seizures. A diet makes one feel positive, have more control over life and thus over epilepsy. 
One diet option that have worked in controlling the seizures in children with epilepsy is the Ketogenic Diet, where anti-epileptic drugs have failed. This diet have helped reduce the number and severity of such seizures and brings positive changes in the behaviour of epileptic patients.  


The Ketogenic Diet:

This high fat, low carbohydrate, controlled protein diet has been used since 1920 for treating epilepsy. This diet is also considered as a medical treatment and has been used when two or more medicinal treatments have failed. 

Now how it works? – The body uses glucose derived from carbohydrates (found in foods like breads, pasta and sugar) for its energy needs. When the body uses fat for enemy (in the absence of carbohydrates), the process being called as Ketosis, chemicals called ketones are made. The body uses these ketones instead of glucose for its energy needs and as a result another chemical called decanoic acid, is also produced as a result. These decanoic acids are responsible for the control of seizures.


In order to make sure that you have a balanced and nutritious diet to fight against epilepsy, it is very important to consult an expert dietician who understands that how much of which food is to be prescribed each day. It is also important to avoid certain foods while on Ketogenic diet plan that an expert can guide. 

International Epilepsy Day

International Epilepsy Day

Welcome to The World of Weight Loss Diets

Dietician Sheela Sehrawat is not dependent on any introduction as she is well known face in the field of food and nutrition. She started her long journey far back in 2006 by working as a private practitioner in this field. Due to her esteemed dedication and hard work, her private practice has evolved into a chain of 35 weight loss ‘Diet Clinics’ all over northern India and the network is expanding till date. She has worked with many fitness organizations and institution. She is a motivational speaker and always take an active part in various health related seminars, workshops, social activities, camps etc. Her antecedents are from Haryana and she is presently dwelling in Gurgaon with her husband and scions.

Her versatile attitude led her associate with army hospital even before she started professional practice. She started practicing as an intern dietician when she was a student of Master’s and counseled many top notch clients. She conducted many research works in the field of nutrition science and explored many breakthroughs in this field.

With extensive research and study she has prepared number of customized diet plans for weight loss and healthy living. In past 13 years, thousands of clients have benefited of these plans and lost tons of kilos. Our team of dieticians is well qualified and trained under her guidance. Our team is working hard to help our clients achieve their ideal body weight and they maintain it forever, too. Both our back office and front office is leaving no stone unturned to provide our clients best in class service.

Sheela’s cherished dream is to make this world free from the world of obesity and its allied diseases. She has been successfully working on her motto “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU” for many past years.

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