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Healthy salad recipes which can be prepared at home easily

Eating right and healthy food can make you feel good and motivated all day long. Right nutrition choice is the ideal choice if you prepare any recipe at home. However, preparing salads at home is the perfect choice and it brings difference in the menu. Listed below are some healthy salad recipes can be prepared at home quickly and easily.

Strawberry & Lemon Salad:
Preparation time-30mins
For – 1 pax

Strawberry-250 gm
Sugar- 100 gm
Pectin- 150 gm
Lemon sorbet-4 scoops
Macroon-8 pieces

Peel lemons and mince lemon peels, blanch it in cold water and drain. Preserve the lemon peels in a mixture of sugar and cold water for 2 hours. Squeeze lemon juice and boil it with sugar. Add pectin ( setting agent uses for jam & jelly) and remove it from fire. 

Wash and cut the strawberries into pieces. Spread lemon sauce and lemon sorbet together. Keep the strawberries on the plate and garnish it with preserved lemon peels and fresh mint leaves.

Delicious Salmon with Steamed Veggies: 
Cut salmon-1
Broccoli- 1cup
Red cabbage- ¼
Butter- 4 Tbsp
Lemon- 1
Pepper- 1 tsp.

Put butter in a pan, add salmon, sauté it. Add lemon and pepper in it. Chop all vegetables and steam it for few minutes (par boil). When salmon begins to flake, flip it down and sauté it. When both sides of salmon looks flaky then add some more butter and veggies and serve.

Side note- Don’t overcook the veggies, heat spoils the nutrition value of fresh veggies. 

Roasted chicken with boiled rice
Stalk celery- 4
White onion-1
Dry Rice- 1 cup
Chicken broth-2cups
Onion powder- 1 tsp.
Poultry seasoning- 1 tsp
Salt-to taste

Boil the rice with chicken broth. Mince carrot, onion and celery together. When the rice about to cook , drain excess water and add carrot, onion, celery, thyme, salt , pepper and mix it. Set to bake at 350 degree for 2 hours.

Chicken salad with Sun-dried Tomatoes
Chicken-2 cups (cooked)
Garlic-2 cloves finely chopped
Sun-dried tomatoes with oil- 1/3 cup chopped
Broccoli- 1 ½ cup chopped  (steamed/ raw)
Lime juice-1 tbsp

Add chicken, broccoli, tomato, limejuice in a bowl together. Toss it well and mix. Serve it with cucumber. 
Salad is considered as one of the most nutrients source rich with vitamins and healthy to include in your daily meal. It is easy and quick to prepare. You can easily prepare homemade salad and its delicious to eat as well. The simple, quick and exotic salad recipes can be prepared easily at home. Salad is always considered as healthy food. You can try various salad recipes and relish it any time. Salad is good to eat during summers.  

Salad as center stage meal:
Now a day’s people are more mindful about their eating habits. Thus, salad is the ideal choice, if you wish to feel light all day or want to shed extra flabs. Salad is known as a complete main course diet. You can eat it in any season. It certainly adds a great flavor to your meal. Remember to top up your salad with fresh salad dressing or vegetables. If you want to lose weight immediately, salad is the best choice to include in your diet plan. Try exploring different types of salads each week and savor the flavor while keep yourself healthy and fit. There are various ways of approaching to prepare salad at home and the above salad recipes are quick and easy to make.  


Healthy salad recipes which can be prepared at home easily

Healthy salad recipes which can be prepared at home easily

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