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Are high protein diets safe for weight loss

Protein is very important for health. Protein contains amino acids which are the building blocks of muscle tissue. High protein diets have been around for decades. It has great benefits for health and helps lose weight. Diet Clinic advices high protein diets that restrict carbohydrate consumption to no more than 20% of caloric intake.

Dietician Sheela Sherawat, the best dietitian in Delhi shares her thoughts about high protein diet –

Benefits of high protein diets –


High protein food is very satisfying and keeps a person full for a long time. Since protein keeps us full for much longer it is natural to consume a high protein diet for weight loss. Consuming protein is an essential way to keep hunger satisfied for longer.


High protein takes away the highs and lows of carbohydrates. Consuming large amounts of protein takes away the spike of sugar in bloodstream after a large meal. This also helps with normalizing insulin levels in blood.


Food has a thermic effect – it causes the body to warm up. This happens because energy is needed to digest and absorb the food. Compared to carbohydrates, protein has higher thermic effect and digesting it causes one to lose weight due to more calories being burned.


Consuming protein raises metabolism and causes us to lose weight. As we lose weight our body loses both fat and protein from our muscles. Consuming protein helps to keep our lean muscle mass intact. Since lean muscle burns large number of calories a high protein diet helps us lose weight.


Healthy diet plan is usually accompanied by exercise. Exercise causes breakdown of muscle tissue. The body needs large doses of protein after intense exercise for repairing. 



Are high protein diets safe?

Proteins are one of the three macro-nutrients along with carbohydrates and fat. High protein diets are good as long as they are not continued indefinitely.


Protein diet myths –

There is a myth that kidneys are harmed by high protein diet. But that is far from true. High protein diets should be avoided by people who have pre existing kidney problems but for a person with normal kidneys there is no risk.


Also, there is a statistic that only 20 grams of protein can be absorbed at one meal. That too is incorrect. Only 1.8 grams of leucine – an amino acid – can be absorbed at one time and since 20 grams protein produces 1.8 grams leucine this myth happened.


The last myth is that consuming too much protein leads to loss of bone density. Since amino acids induce a state of acidosis the body releases calcium from bones to combat it. This was pure speculative science based on a study done more than a century ago.


High protein diet will not harm anyone who is in normal health. It should however be avoided by anyone with any type of kidney disease.

Are high protein diets safe for weight loss

Are high protein diets safe for weight loss

Welcome to The World of Weight Loss Diets

Dietician Sheela Sehrawat is not dependent on any introduction as she is well known face in the field of food and nutrition. She started her long journey far back in 2006 by working as a private practitioner in this field. Due to her esteemed dedication and hard work, her private practice has evolved into a chain of 35 weight loss ‘Diet Clinics’ all over northern India and the network is expanding till date. She has worked with many fitness organizations and institution. She is a motivational speaker and always take an active part in various health related seminars, workshops, social activities, camps etc. Her antecedents are from Haryana and she is presently dwelling in Gurgaon with her husband and scions.

Her versatile attitude led her associate with army hospital even before she started professional practice. She started practicing as an intern dietician when she was a student of Master’s and counseled many top notch clients. She conducted many research works in the field of nutrition science and explored many breakthroughs in this field.

With extensive research and study she has prepared number of customized diet plans for weight loss and healthy living. In past 13 years, thousands of clients have benefited of these plans and lost tons of kilos. Our team of dieticians is well qualified and trained under her guidance. Our team is working hard to help our clients achieve their ideal body weight and they maintain it forever, too. Both our back office and front office is leaving no stone unturned to provide our clients best in class service.

Sheela’s cherished dream is to make this world free from the world of obesity and its allied diseases. She has been successfully working on her motto “LET YOUR DIET WORK FOR YOU” for many past years.

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