Diet for High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is related to Dietary intake of salt and fats. High salt intake leads to water retention and increases the volume of blood in the circulation. This leads to an extra load on the heart and its response by increasing the pumping pressure. The saturated fats in the diet deposit in the blood vessels over time causing them to harden. The heart needs to exert extra pressure to pump blood through them, causing the blood pressure to rise.

Dietary modifications to be adopted:

>> Use salt lightly in cooking

>> Do not add salt to the cooked food

>> Do not use high salted foods like, crackers, potato chips, salted nuts, salted popcorn, fast food, salted snacks, etc.

>> Do not use salt preserved food such as, ketchup, chilli sauce, soya sauce, garlic sauce, pickle, canned foods, processed meat, salted or smoked fish.

>> Avoid flavour enhancers such as mono sodium glutamate (ajinomoto) and baking soda

>> Avoid processed cheese, cheese spread, mayonnaise and salted butter

>> Avoid coffee, cola and alcohol

>> Replace saturated fats like ghee, vanaspati, butter with unsaturated fats like groundnut oil, soya oil, safflower oil.

>>Take eggs in moderation

>> Select lean cuts of meat

>> Use low fat milk

>> Use herbs and spices instead of salt for seasoning like, garlic, lemon and lime juice, basil, black pepper, etc.

>> Include potassium rich food in your diet such as milk, fruits and vegetables

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