Diet for Old Age

Adequate nutrition and a well balanced diet are of vital importance during old age so as to prevent and control common hazards of aging. Under nutrition, obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and osteoporosis are the most commonly prevalent nutrition related health problems among them.

Dietary management for Old age:

>> Liberal intake of milk and milk products, fresh fruits and vegetables particularly green leafy vegetables

>> Intake of rich foods such sweets, fried or high fat foods, cereals and starches need to be reduced

>> Adequate intake of calcium to compensate for demineralization of bones

>> Intake of vitamin D supplements

>> Use oil containing PUFA e.g. sunflower or soyabean, instead of saturated fats like ghee and vanaspati

>> Increase fluid intake in the form of butter milk, lassi and coconut water

>> Adequate intake of dietary fiber for proper bowel movement

>> Intake of small frequent meals

>> Include soft well cooked food that need little or no mastication such as milk and milk products, soft cooked eggs, tender meats, gruels, soft cooked vegetables, grated salads, fruit juices, soft fruits like banana or stewed fruits

>> Avoid spicy and strong flavoured food

>> Serve colourful, attractive and tasty food in a pleasant surroundings to increase appetite and interest in food

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