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Our Udiapur branch is well known clinic for weight loss in Udaipur city. It is situated at the prominent spot of the city and it is just nearby the famous ‘ISKON TEMPLE’.  Both the spots lie on ‘new navrattan road’.  Diet Clinic is placed in Navlok Navratan Complex which is a well known commercial building of the area. The place has good connectivity with ample parking area. So reach our place for a healthy weight loss in Udaipur city and nearby areas. 

 The Diets we provide are simple and easy to prepare at home due to easy availability of the required food materials.   Follow the plan properly and get desired results in time bound framework. We only suggest healthy food for weight reduction and never rely on pills or weight loss equipments. Our weight loss programs goes best with daily half hour walk or slight exercises. Consume lot of fluids including water and intimate body response to expert dietician for better results. Before opening of our clinic at the city people many of our current clients had faced problems in weight loss in the Udaipur city due to lack of guidance or even misguidance through television commercials, but with our expert guidance many people have transformed their lives.

Our Diets are enriched with required nutrition and allow you lose weight while boosting your energy levels. Join Diet Clinic Udaipur for a healthy weight loss in Udaipur area or adjoining location. 

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Diet Clinic Udaipur

Address : 1-A, Navlok Navratan Complex, Bedla Road, Udaipur
Contact at :+91 9829064246, +9829064246
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