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You can boost your body's ability to burn calories, or in short, increase your metabolism, through an accelerated weight loss plan diet. An accelerated weight loss plan diet helps you to burn more calories even when you're just sitting in the couch. If you are in Faridabad, it’s a good news for you, you can contact the Diet clinic at Faridabad and get Weight Loss Faridabad diet plan. 

Dietician Sheela Seharawat and the efficient dieticians will help you with their excellent diet plans. Essential Fatty Acids, including Omega-3 and Omega-6 are good fats that have been scientifically proven to help us lose weight. These essential fats are found in the oils of oily fish, in olive oil, peanut oil, canola oil, flax seeds, hemp seeds, and walnuts. They are polyunsaturated fats which are essential in eliminating body fat. They produce eicosanoids, hormones that help regulate digestion, insulin production, and storage of fat. The body burns more calories in metabolizing these essential fatty acids, than the total calories contained in the food.

This means that the essential fatty acids work for you double-time, accelerating your weight loss diet plan. Dietician Sheela says change in your diet and see the magic of diet. 

Diet clinic Faridabad is located in market of sector 21 C.  It is just opposite the commissioner of police & residence and in alignment with hotel park plaza. Another landmark near the clinic is Asian institute of Medical sciences which near the budkal flyover road. It is a well established place of the area and consists of all major commercial places like banks, restaurants, hospitals etc.  The place is easy to find and there is sufficient space for parking your car. 

Diet clinic Faridabad is one among the top rated weight loss clinic and it is very trusted and famous brand name in the city. The track record of the clinic is remarkable and has a very good success rate. Our trained dieticians are managing the clinic in a very efficient manner. With their esteemed hard work the clinic is continuously helping the people of the locality to lose weight and to live a healthy and motivating life. Our chief dietician, Sheela Sehrawat keeps her continuous visit at the clinic for better functioning of the clinic. Many clients take consultation through Sheela Sehrawat and get benefitted. For an appointment with her, a prior registration is necessary, the seats are limited.

The diet pattern is simple and we keep ourselves away from complicated treatments. Our treatment therapy is totally dependent over homemade tasty foods. We always take care of all the necessary food ingredients and a combination of food is allowed.  The diet plan along with a 30 minute walk is sufficient to lose the weight. Diets are mostly short and frequent and we cut the supply of dietary elements which are in excess in the body of the user. As all the diets are customized so no hard and fast rule can be made for any diet plan. Every case is unique and treated uniquely. Our results speak themselves.

You can join us telephonically and can take your entire diet schedule over the phone as well. The results are similar to the clinic visit performance. 


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Address : Shop No 47, Ist Floor, Sector- 21c, Huda Main Market, Faridabad (Haryana) 122001
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