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" I am happier and I have a lot more self-confidence when I am very active and eating clean."
Kaylie knew that if she wanted to lose weight and keep it off, she needed to make a permanent change. After 2+ years of blogging on Diet.com, she's not only lost 25 KG, but she's kept it off, picked up a slew of healthy new eating habits and become a Healthy person. Thanks Weight loss Clinic Gurgaon

"Even when I messed up, I didn't give up!"
When Anna, started college in September, she was looking to improve her health and meet her goal weight. Three months and 12 KG later, she met her goal... and she's not stopping yet! Find out how she did it, and why her family is saying, "Wow. Thanks Diet Clinic Gurgaon!"

"I had a responsibility to keep pushing and lose the weight, not just for myself, but for my motivators at Diet Clinic, who were supporting me." Tired of trying every different method of weight loss and seeing limited success, it was the accountability of the Diet Clinic and Dietician Sheela Seharawat, blogs and on Facebook motivated me and that finally let me to say, "I won't fail!"... and drop 37 Kg, in six months. Thanks Diet Clinic Gurgaon

Pummy "I'm through with being passive and have decided to take control of my life and health. I have achieved the right mindset that doesn't allow me to give up if I am not immediately gratified by the scale."
I rediscovered a love for veggies, became a dietician Sheela fan, and used her blogs and fitness tips help in getting in the right mindset to lose the weight. Thanks Diet Clinic Gurgaon

"My close family was surprised by how much I'd lost. People say to me 'You look so good,' and kids tend to say 'You look so different!'"
I checked in with Dietician Sheela Diet Clinic before my wedding, she was make me down nearly 5 Kg in a month, only with Diets and enjoying my weeding days. Now I'm reconnecting, JOIN DIET CLINIC, my friend Shikha who has shed a total of 16 Kg and even loosing more.

"I can walk faster, climb stairs, run a little and wear cute clothes again!"
Stay-at-home , I slammed the brakes on ballooning weight by turning to the weight loss experts Dietician Sheela Seharawat at Diet Clinic and inspirational bloggers here at Facebook “Dietician Sheela Suhag Seharawat “. The posting helped me motivated and join Diet Clinic and I drop 15 Kg and reach a healthy weight! Thanks Weight loss clinic gurgaon

"I am so glad that I found Diet Clinic. The method are so useful and keep me accountable, and the philosophy of exercising more and eating healthier, smaller portions, really resonates with me."
a student struggling with her weighti Joined Diet Clinic. DC helped me with my goal-setting, Dietcin Sheela show me the road to weight loss - dropping 12 Kgso far! Thanks Dietician Sheela Seharawat

“ Diet Clinic motivates me and keeps me in check. It makes me want to succeed even more."
Within 2 months of becoming an active member of Diet Clinic , I had lost 9 Kg (halfway to her first weight loss goal!)… and gained the energy to play with her 3 active kids! Thanks Diet Clinic Noida

"NOBODY pushes me towards success better than Diet Clinic !"
When i last checked in, i had already lost 6 Kg. With the help of Diet.Clinic popular Weight Loss Challenges, I now down a total of 13 Kg… and even gets recognized as "that Diet CLinic slimming sensation" when I am out in public! Thanks Diet Clinic Gurgaon

"I owe it all to Diet Clinic- it changed my lifestyle."
Having her thyroid removed couldn't stop me from dropping 18 Kg and reaching my goal weight in time. Its was slow but I got this with the help of Dietcin Sheela Seharawat. Thanks Weight Loss Clinic Gurgaon

Tanu Singh

When I joined the diet clinic,i was grossly overweight with severe back and knee pain. Before coming here,i had been very sceptical of the whole idea of dieting to lose weight but exercise alone hadn't helped so far. I had lost and quickly regained  all the extra kilos twice at renowned weight loss centers with all the works - machines, diet monitoring and exercise. So basically nothing worked. Thanks Weight Loss Center Gurgaon

Once I joined this clinic I started losing weight gradually and lost a total of 22kgs over a period of 9 months. My back is better and knee pain is gone.The best part was I never felt starved and it is not monotonous. The suggested diet is something I could easily manage at home. What sets this place apart is the friendly, encouraging attitude of the dieticians here. I had highs and lows but never was I discouraged.The whole approach is extremely friendly and positive. Lastly, its not like once you join here, you are just forbidden that yummy gol guppa or your birthday cake! They teach you how to balance out which helps in maintenance later. I would just like to thank you everyone at the Diet clinic for the new me!
- Tanu singh has been under Sheela's guidance for 9 months now and has lost 22Kg.

Gaurav Sawhney
"Every January people make New Year's Resolutions that they end up breaking. It was with that in mind that I spent 10 months (a lil too much) trying to figure out what I wanted to do. Around that long thinking (postponing I would say) period one of my friends landed to my party, looking all toned up and also not to my surprise catching the attention of my family and other friends. Then came the slogans "If he can do it, so can you", however it was until that I had met Sheela that I finally convinced myself to take it seriously.
I set a goal for myself to drop 50 pounds by my birthday. The advice I'll give isn't likely to be all that different that what you might read elsewhere, but the combination and Sheela's guidance is what worked well for me. She was very patient and often when I would miss my appointment; call me to find out if all was well on track. Kudos to her dedication I would say. Hopefully it'll motivate a few more people to do the same (which aleady is working, I must tell you). I learned a lot about my habits and behavior in the process and suspect that much of it applies to most people who are struggling with extra pounds."
- Gaurav Sawhney has been under Sheela's guidance for 8 months now and has lost 32Kg.

Pradeep kothari
I heard about www.dietclinic.in loss program from friend. Before Joining Diet Clinic I had tried so many times to lose fats, but given up after repeated failures. Then I joined www.dietclinic.in After studying my lifestyle, Dietician Sheela Seharawat advised me small life style changes, mainly in my eating style.  I was given a customized Diet schedule, in which I had sufficient amount of food to eat, with all my likings. In first month itself losses4 Kg. I was amazed by Dietician Sheela’s new researched weight loss program and today I tell all my friends to subscribe to www.dietclinic.in weight loss program. I don't eat less nor I go hungry and still I have lost 30 Kg and maintaining my ideal weight since last 3 years. Best of Luck; Pradeep kothari
- Pradeep Kothari has been under Sheela's guidance for 8 months now and has lost 22 Kg

Parampreet Ahluwalia

DIET CLINIC gIfted me the whole new world, now i can live with more confidence & style. Earlier i was 77 kilos but with my Dietician instructions & help & by eating lots n lots, i reduced 17-18 kilos. For me its a DREAM COME TRUE.

- Parampreet  has been under Sheela's guidance for 5 months now and has lost 18Kg.

Meeta Jain

Diet Clinic Taught Me The True Meaning Of Dieting With Its Logo "NO Starvation,No Monotonous Diets,No Medicine,No Strenuous Exercise"
Where People Keep Themselves Hungry To Loose Weight There Diet Clinic Help In Reducing Weight By Keeping Your Tummy Full

- Meeta Jain has been under Sheela's guidance for 6 months now and has lost 18Kg. 


I bent down to tie my shoes and was out of breath.And that got me think about my father's family history of heart problems and how some had heart attacks and died around 50.I was 31 at the time and my wife and I were trying to get pregnant. I knew if I didn't change my ways I would not see my kids graduate high school.Then I started to surf for good dieticians in and around delhi to help me to prove my nightmare wrong.After switching to lot many dieticians i worked with Sheela. Just One Month and i lost 7 kgs without execrcising. That was the biggest self motivation for me. I kept continuing and results were unbelievable. Now when i bent i no longer feel my belly hanging out there :-)
- Anad has been under Sheela's guidance for 3 months now and has lost 13Kg.

Bhawana Gupta:
I started having health issues. My knee got swlleed  up and my ortho doc told me about one rescue- " loose weight". And i freaked up saying "How can i"?.I mean,  I could not even  pace with my kids while dropping them to school , how can i do an exercise regime. The i thought "Hit the culprit first". And i took the road of Diets to do so.And it helped me loosing enough to hit roads for a morning walk. I continued with diet clinic and did mild walks as per suggested by dietician and things rocked...... Now after 2 months with dietician my kids say "Momy don walk that fast, our knees hurt keeping pace with you"
- Bhawana Gupta has been under Sheela's guidance for 2 months now and has lost 10Kg.

Kuldip Batra

I opted for the diet clinic in fag end of 2009. That was the time i realised that with all excersises and walk was not helping me even a bit. And to my surprise 15 ODD KG within weeks and that too without any scratch diet and exertions. I had never thought that i can loose weight without loosing energy. With diet clinic it was possible and i till date maintaining the great feeling.

- Kuldip Batra has been under Sheela's guidance for 4 months now and has lost 15Kg.

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